My life started tied on a porch in the city with people being pretty unkind to me. Thankfully, a rescue found me, and my boy brought me home when I was five months old. I was a petrified little pup, but my boy showed me that he would always be kind and gentle with me. We became inseparable, and today he still works to help me learn to trust strangers.
Months after my boy brought me home, I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis and megaesophagus. Although our vet was very supportive, he also warned us that my diagnosis was very, very serious. Through Upright Canine Brigade, we found a supportive community and tons of helpful information.  Sadly, we also discovered that many other vets don’t have the information necessary to help ME dogs. That’s when my boy decided to help people learn about ME!
This is why my boy and I share our adventures...so all ME pups can have a chance to live their best lives.
Thank you so much for being part of our journey!


TOOTH & HONEY creates whimsical on trend canine accessories and clothing for pit bull type dogs and other large breeds AND supports animal rescue!  I am feeling dapper in my new turtleneck and totally #readyforfall




Check out our sick tricks!


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